Tamara Der-Ohanian, HOM, DSHomMed

Tamara Der-Ohanian, HOM, DSHomMed Lecturer

Following her studies in Psychology and Business Administration at York University, Tamara received a diploma in Business & Human Resources Management from Seneca College.  After a short career in this field, Tamara decided to pursue her dream and enrolled at the Canadian College of Homeopathic Medicine (CCHM).  She graduated from CCHM in 1997 (first graduating class) and has been practicing homeopathy ever since.  Tamara is in private practice in North York.  She is trained in Quantum Biofeedback and combines Classical Homeopathy and Biofeedback therapy to detect and treat deficiencies and imbalances.  Tamara is a lecturer and teaches Materia Medica at CCHM

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